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teaching & learning


professional development

organisational psychology

David Shakespeare works with…

  • curriculum and assessment organisations
  • CPD providers
  • learners, teachers, schools, colleges, local authorities, trainers 
  • local, regional and national agencies, and businesses

...on themes that include…

  • development of curriculum and assessment - especially, but not exclusively, around science and STEM subjects
  • teaching and learning, CPD and middle-leader development
  • evaluations, and evaluation strategy
  • organisational development and organisational psychology

He is also trained in organisational and occupational psychology and applies such approaches ... 

  • developing group and teamwork skills, leadership, recruitment processes, training and development of methods used to evaluate impact 
  • using psychometric testing, being qualified by the British Psychological Society to administer and interpret psychometric ability and personality tests for occupational psychology purposes


Go to 'Previous Projects' for specific examples of work undertaken.

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