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David Shakespeare works with a wide range of organisations - for example ...

Development of curriculum and assessment


Standards and Testing Agency

  • Expert curriculum adviser for the development of the KS2 national tests, performance descriptors and exemplification
  • Advisor on KS3, GCSE and A levels programmes of study

Cambridge Assessment International Education

  • Expert analysis, review and comparison of many international science and STEM curricula, including PISA and TIMSS
  • Specialist advisor on the UNICEF 'Learning passport' curriculum framework
  • Expert analysis and review of in-class materials to ensure consistency with curriculum and assessment requirements

Institute of Physics, Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Society of Biology

  • Comparison for alignment and development of the curriculum models of all three organisations
  • Support and consultation on the development of IOP physics curriculum model
  • Expert review of chemistry curriculum map for RSC


  • Mapped national curriculum and GCSE statements across keystages, to support teacher planning
  • Advised on development of online assessments
  • Supported development of progress tests for primary and secondary science

United Learning Trust

  • ‘Chair of Standards’ for science – supported primary and secondary teacher groups to enable them to plan for, assess and exemplify standards for the curriculum
  • Developed summative tests for use across all the Trust’s schools 

Teaching and learning, CPD and leadership development


Many tens and hundreds of Local Authorities and Teaching School Alliances, and individual academies, schools and colleges

  • Provided training and in-school consultancy and coaching (incl. subject leader development, audit of provision, teacher support for planning, teaching and assessment, teacher action-research projects)

STEM Learning, the National STEM Centre, and the national network of Science Learning Partnerships

  • Recognised as Senior Facilitator by the STEM Learning ‘CPD Mark’
  • Developed in person and online training programmes, provided training and acted as adviser to schools regionally
  • Developed train-the-trainer materials to support the work of other consultants
  • Advised on development of a needs analysis tool for teacher CPD in schools
  • Developed a framework, approach and materials to promote the development of Employability Skills young people by STEM Ambassadors

Chartered Institute for Educational Assessors

  • Developed and delivered training on applying the principles of educational assessment in schools

Evaluations, and evaluation strategy

Royal Academy of Engineering

  • Evaluated a national programme for engineering education and skills – from schools to universities, and professional development 
  • Evaluated a national programme for supporting greater diversity in graduate engineering – assessing the impact on both the students and engineering employers
  • Evaluated impact of post-16 CPD programme for FE engineering lecturers
  • Facilitated workshops on evaluation for STEM organisations

Nuffield Curriculum Centre

  • Evaluated a KS3 STEM cross-curricular project
  • Evaluated impact of CPD programme for primary science

STEM Learning/National STEM Centre/STEMNET

  • Consultation on STEM Careers Toolkit materials for use in schools and colleges
  • Developed STEM initiative evaluation guidelines and case studies for use across STEM organisations
  • Developed an evaluation methodology for STEM Partnership
  • Evaluated impact of student enterprise programme across East of England for STEMNET/EEDA

Organisational development and organisational psychology

Various local authorities

  • Led programmes of ‘Peer Enquiry’ (appreciative enquiry) for organisational development which involve mutual school self-support across schools of all phases
  • Developed and provided CPD on the theme of team psychology in schools

Department for Education

  • Provided advice on strategy and policy on the development of the STEM Cohesion Programme for Prof. Sir John Holman (National STEM Director)

Welsh Assembly Government

  • Reviewed and recommended (to the National Science Academy) applications for funding for various STEM activities across Wales

Association of School and College Leaders

  • Provided courses and consultancy on staff selection using evidence-based approaches including psychometric profiling
  • Provided psychometric profiling for staff selection and development

United Learning Trust

  • Provided psychometric profiling for staff selection and development


  • Ran a national consultation on contracting arrangements for regional STEM support – with Government, STEM support agencies, educational organisations and learned societies
  • Provided strategic advice to align STEMNET closely with schools’ and national agendas
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