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David Shakespeare works with a wide range of organisations - for example ...

Development of curriculum and assessment


Qualifications Wales  

  • Independent curriculum and assessment advisor on the development of GCSEs in the sciences and engineering, as a part of Curriculum for Wales 

Cambridge Assessment International Education

  • Expert analysis, review and comparison of many international science and STEM curricula, including PISA and TIMSS
  • Specialist advisor on the UNICEF 'Learning passport' curriculum framework

Institute of Physics, Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Society of Biology

  • Comparison for alignment and development of the curriculum models of all three organisations
  • Support and consultation on the development of IOP physics curriculum model
  • Expert review of chemistry curriculum map for RSC


  • Mapped national curriculum and GCSE statements across keystages, to support teacher planning
  • Support for development of onscreen assessments, converting from traditional paper-based assessments
  • Supported development of progress tests for primary and secondary science
  • Developed approach to KS3 assessment and test framework
  • Reviewed GCSE assessments for validity and consistency of approach


  • Expert review for Ofqual of QA processes for apprenticeship assessments
  • Expert review of onscreen science assessments for overseas client, to advise on science content, curriculum validity and accessibility to learners

Standards and Testing Agency (and predecessor agencies)

  • Expert curriculum adviser for the development of the KS2 national tests, performance descriptors and exemplification
  • Advisor on KS3, GCSE and A levels programmes of study

Teaching and learning, CPD and leadership development


Many tens and hundreds of Local Authorities and MATs, and individual academies, schools and colleges

  • Provided training and in-school consultancy and coaching (incl. subject leader development, audit of provision, teacher support for planning, teaching and assessment, teacher action-research projects)

STEM Learning, and the national network of Science Learning Partnerships

  • Recognised as Senior Facilitator by the STEM Learning ‘CPD Mark’
  • Developed in person and online training programmes, provided training and acted as adviser to schools regionally
  • Developed train-the-trainer materials to support the work of other consultants
  • Advised on development of a needs analysis tool for teacher CPD in schools
  • Developed a framework, approach and materials to promote the development of Employability Skills young people by STEM Ambassadors

Chartered Institute for Educational Assessors

  • Developed and delivered training on applying the principles of educational assessment in schools

Evaluations, and evaluation strategy

Royal Academy of Engineering

  • Evaluated a national programme for engineering education and skills – from schools to universities, and professional development 
  • Evaluated a national programme for supporting greater diversity in graduate engineering – assessing the impact on both the students and engineering employers
  • Evaluated impact of post-16 CPD programme for FE engineering lecturers

STEM Learning/National STEM Centre

  • Consultation on STEM Careers Toolkit materials for use in schools and colleges
  • Developed STEM initiative evaluation guidelines and case studies for use across STEM organisations
  • Developed an evaluation methodology for STEM Partnership
SEO London
  • Adviser on evaluation of impact of SEO’s programmes to increase diversity in employment in sectors such as finance, banking, consultancy

Organisational development and organisational psychology

Department for Education

  • Provided advice on strategy and policy on the development of the STEM Cohesion Programme for Prof. Sir John Holman (National STEM Director)

Welsh Assembly Government

  • Reviewed and recommended (to the National Science Academy) applications for funding for various STEM activities across Wales

Association of School and College Leaders

  • Provided psychometric profiling for staff selection and development
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